Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA states:

“As far as possible charitable objects should aim at betterment & rehabilitation of the recipients of charity and should stimulate them to greater efforts & become self-reliant rather than receive the aid as a kind of dole which might discourage positive actions.”

About Saifee Foundation

The 51st Dai al-Mutlaq, His Holiness Dr Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb RA established The Saifee Foundation, a charitable trust, on the auspicious occasion of Lailatul Qadr in the year 1378 Hijri. The Gregorian calendar marks the date as March 31, 1959. Since then the Trust has been functioning relentlessly for the upliftment of business of Mumineen towards attaining the vision as envisaged.

Vision statement

“To counsel, guide, and encourage mumineen to become business-oriented thereby attain khushi of Aqa Moula (TUS). Also to encourage and provide management, technical and financial support to start-ups as well as existing businesses, to enable them to establish and become self-reliant, so that they are able to uplift fellow mumineen.”

Mission Statement

To achieve the above-mentioned vision, the Trust through its Business Upliftment sub-committee viz., Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah, aims to reach out to mumineen through the online module as well as setting up offices in their respective mawaze.
Further, it also aims to achieve lower Turn Around Time (TAT) for processing applications, enhance existing set-up as well as infrastructure and deploy required manpower. It shall also strive to generate more revenue from its properties.

Trust objectives

The Saifee Foundation has been established with the primary objective of upliftment of business and relief from poverty. The Trust provides financial assistance towards the establishment, expansion, and renovation, of Mumineen’s business ventures. The Trust strives in making mumineen self-reliant thereby uplifting their business and standard of living. The main focus of the Trust is on Business Upliftment and Relief of poverty.


Business upliftment

Relief of poverty

Business Upliftment

The Saifee Foundation has been entrusted mainly to provide financial assistance towards business upliftment in collaboration with Al- Tijaarat al-Raabehah (a Business Upliftment Sub-Committee of the Trust). Applications received by the Trust seeking assistance for business upliftment are processed by Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah. The Trust through Al- Tijaarat al-Raabehah provides assistance towards (1) Business Counselling (2) Khabergiri and (3) Financial Assistance

Business Counselling

The trust provides counseling and consultation services to businesses for improving their ventures. Mumineen may approach the trust for professional assistance to get a detailed plan of action chalked out for them by experienced people from the community.


An initiative to provide assistance towards relief of poverty with respect to the Business, Medical, Generating Livelihood, Housing and Education), a  team of people from the trust visit businesses and their homes all around the year to ensure wellness and a sustainable livelihood for community members.

Financial Assistance

The foundation is deeply committed to the betterment of the life of mumineen. As such, the trust provides financial assistance towards business upliftment and relief of poverty (Khabergiri)


The foundation is deeply committed to the betterment of the life of mumineen. As such, the trust provides
financial assistance towards business upliftment and relief of poverty (Khabergiri)

Types of businesses benefitted

Hardware & Paints

Machinery & Tools

Apparel Industry

Home Industry

Food & Agriculture


Provision & Retail

Professional Services

Electronics & IT


260 mumineen benefitted

112 Mauzes where mumineen have benefitted

Purposes for which financial assistance
has been provided

As a part of the mission, the Business Upliftment Committee at The Saifee Foundation Trust offers a holistic approach to mumineen for the betterment of their lives. Mumineen may approach the committee for business counseling with financial assistance and with respect to start-ups, existing businesses, and their expansion. Primarily, financial assistance is provided as a part of, and with respect to the following:

Working Capital

Financial assistance for setting start ups and existing businesses

Addition of New Products & Services

Aid for expanding or re-setting up of businesses

Machinery & Tools

Procurement & deployment assistance


Holistic financial help to get started

Local Shops

Setting a shop in the town


Setting up a manufacturing facility

Our Process

The Trust follows a rigorous and all-round approach to make sure the right kind of aid reaches the applicant in full effect.

Step 1 – Case Registration 

When the applicant submits their comprehensive application we go through all the details and log a new request in the system

Step 2 – Counselling Session

Based on the information provided in the form, we provide professional business counselling to find the root cause before the grant of financial assistance

Step 3 – Financial Evaluation

As part of the business counseling session, we also evaluate the past financial statements and sales forecast in order to ascertain the true position of the business and thereby justify the amount of financial assistance to be provided.

Step 4 – Financial Assistance

Once the financial evaluation is justified the committee draws its conclusion and determines the amount of financial assistance to be granted, the payback duration and other details are finalised. Finally the amount is disburse to the applicant.


Mustafa bhai Shaikh Hamza bhai Safri

Before we were trading into LED related products & wanted to grow our
business by setting up a Manufacturing unit. We got in touch with Al Tijarat al
Rabehah, who guided & encouraged us in this transition.
Alhamdolillah we are growing well & Al Tijarat al Rabehah counsellor is
helping us to streamline the process & to take our business to the new level.

( Mumbai)

Murtaza bhai Shaikh Jafar bhai Kagdi

We were having 20k sqft of barren land. We came with an idea of cultivating
crop on this unused land. Thus, we got in touch with Al Tijarat al Raabehah,
who counselled us and connected us with an expert, who guided us to grow
seasonal fruits such as strawberry, yellow red watermelon and Muskmelon
that has given us high returns in short period. We now plan to rent/purchase
new land to plant chilies and soybean to grow our agriculture business.
Moving forward we also plan to do organic farming by using modern irrigation

( Kukshi )

Mustafa bhai Mansoor bhai Pardawala

Ezzy tools store an eminent power tool trader who used to do business with a profit margin of 5-8 % Seeking to grow his business and diversifying he approached Al Tijarat al Rabehah. After being carefully analyzed & counselled through a reputed counsellor he was provided doable solutions such as selling tools to industries. This move brought up his profit margins by 40%. On Tijarat Raabehah recommendation Mustafa Bhai was provided qardan Hasana of Rs. 3 lacs for working capital and with this amount he now purchases directly from the distributor.

Shabbirhusain Bhai Shaikh Hakimuddin

I was into service for quite sometime but wanted to start up my own business to acquire the dua and Khushi Mubarak of Aqa maula tus. Hence I approached Al Tijarat al Rabehah to help me in this transition.

Al Tijarat al Rabehah assigned me an expert counsellor, who cleared all my doubts & explained me business concepts & explained me who should be my target customer & the Importance of carrying out business on cash & briefed me about the approach I should carry towards the business start-up. Alhamdulillah, this counseling has helped me a lot and has given me the confidence to go about with starting my own business.

Start-up in Agriculture and gardening.
( Pune_Khadki )

Tasneem bai Mufaddal bhai Mamuwala

During Aqa Moula’s tashreef awri, we muminaat got sharaf of presenting our hand cooked dishes to HUuzurala TUS, which we prepare for our tiffin service customer. After this expo, Al Tijarat al Rabehah secundrabad arranged for a funfair to give exposure to our businesses.

We than came up with an initiative called MANHAL, wherein the locals place their orders with us for weekends. Through Manhal we have started receiving 40% more orders & also receive orders on personal level from the customer for weekdays. Way forward, I plan to prepare small packages & keep them in the shops outside, to gain more orders from locals.

Home industry
( Secunderabad )

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